Session Plan for Automobile level01/U1/S1


Session Plan for Automobile (2022-23)

Topic Name: - Wheel and Wheel Cart

Time: - 35 Minutes

Date: - 08.06.2022

Class: - 9th(Level1)

Learning Objective: - To tell about wheel, history of wheel with all facts, wheel cart and its types, Horse Power

Tool/Equipment: - Laptop/Projector/Interactive Board, White Board, Marker, Duster, Related Images or videos if needed.

Announcement of topic:- Students today we will discuss about wheel and its history.

Content: -






Learning Outcome

35 Min.

Question Answer/Pretest/Post Test

Interactive Lecture and Video Session

ICT Tools for Video Session

Student would be able to demonstrate about wheel history, wheel cart and Horsepower Concept.









Solution of Problem/Doubt Clearing 

Recapitulation: - What is Wheel? (Its Time and Place of Invention)
                               What is Wheel Cart (Its Types and use in History)
                             What is HP-Horse Power?(Its Comparison with Men Power.)

Home Assignment:- Students will not down question answer notes of wheel and wheel cart.

Assessment: - By Quiz based on Wheel and Wheel Cart Click Here



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