Automobile Level02/U1/S8/Front Axle/Cbse


Front Axle

Q1. What is axle ?

Ans. Axle is a central shaft which is used for rotating gear or wheel. It is a integral component of wheeled vehicle.

Q2. Tell about the functions of front axle.

Ans. (i) It holds weight of front of vehicle                                                                                          (ii) Stub axle, king pin and steering arm are fitted on it by which vehicle is steered.               (iii) It works as cushioning medium for comfort drive through springs.                                            (iv) It controls ride through shock absorber.                                                                                             (v) It consists of braking system through which vehicle can be stopped.                                        (iv) It trasmits power to road wheels in case of four wheel drive. It has to bear weight of wheel and hub.

Q3. What are the types of front axle ? ( फ्रंट एक्सल के प्रकार क्या है ?)

Ans. There are mainly of two types :-                                                                                                  (i) Live front axle :-  It is used in front wheel drive and 4x4 wheel drive it supports as well as transmit drive to front wheels.                                                                                                               (ii) Dead front axle :- It is used in 4x2 type drive it is used only for supporting the front wheels.

Q4. Tell about the arrangement of front axle.

Ans. (i) Stub axle with rigid axle beam :- It was used in old vehicles. But now it is used only in medium and commercial vehicles like – trucks, buses etc.                                                                (ii) Stub axle without rigid beam tube :-  It is used mostly in cars and light commercial vehicles.

Q5. Tell about the stub axle? How it can be connected with axle beam ?

Ans. It is a small mediate shaft which connects front dead axle to wheels. Its one end is connected to axle in the centre with while front wheel is fitted on other end.

Stub axle can be connected with axle beam in different ways.

(i)Elliot type                                                                                                                                               (ii) Reversed elliot type                                                                                                                      (iii) Lamoine type                                                                                                                                          (iv) Reversed lamoine type                           

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