Employability Skills Level04 Short Notes

 Q.1. What is communication? (कम्यूनिकेशन क्या है?)

Ans. Sharing of ideas, thoughts or information between two or more individuals is called communication. It is mainly of three types.

Verbal Communication  ---- By using words (Oral or written)

Non-Verbal Communication----- Without using words. For Example- By Gestures, Signs

Visual Communication---- By using images or pictures. For Example- Road Signs

 Q.2. Which four key skills are required to learn a language?


1. Listening

2. Reading

3. Speaking

4. Writing

 Q.3. By which action can a sender send his or her message?

a. Listening     b. Sleeping      c. Speaking     d. None of these

Ans. Speaking

 Q.4. Which of the following method is used to receive information from the sender?

a. Listening    b. Telling    c. Speaking     d. Writing

Ans. Listening

 Q.5. Which of the following is an example of oral communication?

a. Reports  b. Face to Face  c. Newspaper  d. Notes communication

Ans. Face to face

 Q.6. Why do we send emails?

a. To communicate information

b. To share documents and files

c. To talk to each other

d. Both a and b

Ans. Both a and b

 Q.7. What is phoentics?

Ans. It is the study of the sounds that we make when we speak. 

 Q.8. What is meant by 'RESPECT' acronym to ensure active listening?


R- Remove Distraction

E-Eye Contact

S-Show through gestures

P-Pay Attention

E-Empathize the feeling of speaker

C-Clarify Doubts

T-Tune Yourself

 Q.9. What is sentence? What are its major parts?

Ans. A sentence is a group of words which together expresses a complete idea that has a meaning.

 Q.10. Identify subject, object and verb in sentence.

1. We saw match.

2. Students played hockey.


1. We - subject

Saw- Verb


2. Students- Subject



 Q.11.What is spreadsheet? Tell some examples.

Ans. It is an electronic document which has rows and columns. It is used to store data in systematic manner. 

Examples:- Microsoft Excel

Libre Office Calc

Google Sheets

 Q.12. Tell about some keyboard shortcut keys.


Ctrl+ b= Bold

Ctrl+ I= Italic

Ctrl + U= Underline

Ctrl + P= Print

Ctrl + C = Copy

Ctrl + X = Cut

Ctrl + V = Paste

 Q.13. What is presentation software? Tell about some examples.

Ans. Presentation software is used to make digital presentation by collection of digital slides.


1. Powerpoint - By Microsoft

2. Libre office Impress

3. Google Slides

 Q.14. Who is entrepreneur? Which are the types of entrepreneurs?

Ans. Entrepreneur is a person who start business with a new idea and solution of a problem in society.


 Q.15. What is meant by first generation entrepreneur?

Ans. First generation entrepreneur are those who do not have any entrepreneurship background.

 Q.16. What is Active Listening?


 Q.17. What is MINTS rule of capitalisation?


M- Months and Days name.

I- I letter itself

N- Name of person, place etc.

T- Title like Dr., Mr, Mrs, Sh. Etc.

S- Starting letter of the sentence

 Q.18. What are the stages of active listening?


1. Receiving

2. Understanding

3. Remembering

4. Evaluating


 Q.19. What is direct and indirect object?

Ans. Direct object is the object which directly relate with verb.

 Q.20.What is mean by start up ?

Ans. Start up is a company that is in the stage of its operations.

 Q.21.What is motivation ? What are its types


It is mainly of two types

1. Intrinsic Motivation

2. Extrinsic Motivation



















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