Q.1. When should we change or top up our engine oil in a car generally.(हमें सामान्य तौर पर कब अपने इंजन का ऑयल बदलना और पूरा करना चाहिए।)

Ans. Generally if mileage of our car is above 15000 kms, then we should change engine oil. But if it is between 4000kms and 15000kms, we should only top up engine oil. But if we are not sure we should also refer handbook of respective vehicle.


 Q.2. How can we check engine oil level in our vehicle?

Ans. First of all we park our car on level ground with hand brake. 

Then open the bonnet with the help of a lever. 

Wait some if engine is hot. 

Put on some protective gloves and pull out the gloves. 

Then clean it with a paper towel and replace it fully for several seconds.

Now again pull it and observe the marks for engine oil level.

It should be at somewhere between maximum and minimum level.

See the diagram given in handbook for quantity of top up.

For topup open the filler cap and complete engine oil.

Then again check the level in dipstick by repeating previous procedure.

 Q.3. What are the tools and equipment required for changing of the engine oil?


1. Engine Oil(Quantity given in Owner Manual)

2. New Oil Filter(Same as old oil filter)

3. Safety Glasses and rubber gloves

4. Plastic container and funnel

5. Car Jack and Jack Stands

6. Drain Plug Socket Wrench

7. PaperTowel

8. Oil Filter Wrench

 Q.4. Tell about the procedure of changing of oil and oil filter in a car.

Ans. 1. Firstly Park your car on level ground and allow engine oil to cool for sometime.

2. Lift the car on jack and use jack stand for safe support of vehicle.

3. For draining oil completely, open the oil filler cap.

4. Find the drain plug and open it with appropriate spanner by rotating it in anti clock direction.

5. Now place tray under drain plug and let the oil to drain completely.



 Q.5. What are the precautions which are to be taken while changing of engine oil and oil filter?












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