Automobile Level04/Unit05-Electrical and Electronic System/Part02

 Q.12. What is sensor? Tell about any eight types of sensors.(किन्हीं आठ प्रकार के सेन्सर के बारे में बताओ।)


Sensor:- These are sensing devices which are used to sense different engine parameters and send signals to processor.

यह अनुभव करने वाले उपकरण हैं जिनका प्रयोग इंजन के विभिन्न परिमाणों(पैरामीटर) को अनुभव कर उसी अनुसार ECU अर्थात प्रोसेसर के सिग्नल देने के लिए करते हैं।

1. Oxygen Sensor:- This sensor is fitted in exhaust manifold which is tasked with measuring the make-up of the exhaust whether it is running too lean or too rich.

ऑक्सीजन सेन्सर :- यह सेंसर इग्ज़ॉस्ट मैनीफोल्ड में फिट किया होता है जो कि यह जाँचने का कार्य करता है कि जलने वाला मिश्रण अधिक __है या ___है।

2. Throttle position sensor(TPS):- The purpose of the throttle position sensor/switch is to relay the position of the throttle butterfly valve to the ECU.

थ्रोटल पोजीशन सेन्सर :- इस सेन्सर या स्विच का प्रयोग थ्रोटल बटरफ्लाइ वाल्व के स्थिति को ई. सी. यू  तक प्रसारित करना है।

3.MAP Sensor:- MAP stands for manifold absolute Pressure Sensor. It is used to provide information about the air pressure in intake manifold to the ECU.

मैप सेन्सर :- इस सेन्सर से अभिप्राय मैनीफोल्ड ऐब्सलूट प्रेशर सेन्सर है, इसका प्रयोग इंटेक मैनिफोल्ड में हवा के हवा के दबाव के बारे में जानकारी देने के लिए किया जाता है। 

4.Knock Sensor:- The function of the knock sensor is to produce an electrical signal that the ECU can use to determine if knock has occurred. Hence ECU will then provide less ignition advance until knock is occurred

5.Temperature Sensor:- Their purpose is to measure the temperatures of fluids or parts in the engine and report it to the ECU.

6.Engine Speed Sensor:- Function of this sensor is to monitor engine speed which helps ECU to calculate pulse width.

7.Crankshaft Sensor:- Crankshaft sensor is used to relay the position and speed of the crankshaft to the ECU.

8.Camshaft Sensor:- It measures the position and speed of the cam shaft to aid the ECU in engine timing.

9. Idle Air Control Valve:- This valve control the amount of air entering the engine while idling.

10. Air temperature Sensor: This sensor is used to measure the temperature of the incoming air in the engines air stream.

Q.13. What is the ideal air fuel ratio?

Ans. The ideal air fuel ratio is 14.7:1

Q.14. What do you mean by MPFI of MPI? Where it is used ?

Ans. MPFI stands for Multi Point Fuel Injection or multi point injection.

Q.15. What are actuators? Tell about the names of some types of actuators.


1. Injectors

2. Control Valve

3. Distributor

4. EGR Valve

5. Ignition Coil

6. Vacuum Switching Valve

Q.16. What is the function of voltage regulator?


Q.17. What is the function of current regulatot?






Q.20. Fill in the blanks

1. Modern Automobile generators are the two-pole, two-brush, _____wound type.


2. In Automobile generator which type of following wound is used?





3. The principle on which the regulator works is called _________principle.

4. A rotor may have ___megnetic field









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