Employability Skills-U1-S3-Writing Sentences

Q.1. Write one sentence of each type- statement, question, exclamatory and order. 

Ans.     Statement :-  Hanish plays cricket.

question or interrogative:- Did he completed the project?

exclamatory:-  You did really a good job!

order or imperative sentence:-  Open the door.

Q.2. What do you mean by Paragraph?(अनुच्छेद से आप क्या समझते हो?)

Ans. Paragraph is a group of sentences which have a common idea. (अनुच्छेद वाक्यों का एक समूह है जिसका एक सामान्य विचार होता है।)

Q.3. What are active and passive sentences?

Ans. Active Sentence:- In this type of sentence subject does an action. 

For example:- Ritu writes an email.

Passive Sentence:- In this type of sentence subject receive an action.

For Example:- An Email is written by Ritu.

Q.4. What are the types of objects?

Ans. There are two types of objects.

Direct Object:- It is a object which directly receives action of the verb.

Indirect Object:-It is a object which describes more information about verb and direct object.

For Example:- 

Q.5. Write one example of simple sentence and complex sentence.(साधारण वाक्य और जटिल वाक्य का एक उदाहरण दो ।)

Ans. Simple Sentence:- A simple sentence is one that has one subject and one predicate. (एक  साधारण वाक्य एक ऐसा वाक्य है जिसमें एक करता और एक विधेय होता है।)

For Example :-

Complex Sentence:-A complex sentence is one which consists one independent clause and one or more dependent clause. ()

For Example :- 

 Q.6. Identify the subject in the sentence, "The children played football."(इस वाक्य में सब्जेक्ट को पहचाने।)

    a.   The children                                        b.   children played

    c.    played                                                 d.   football

Q.7. Identify the object in the sentence, "The children played football."(इस वाक्य में ऑब्जेक्ट को पहचाने।)

  a.   The children                                        b.   children played

    c.    played                                                 d.   football

Q.8. Which of these sentences has/have both direct and indirect objects?(इन वाक्यों में से किस में डायरेक्ट और इनडायरेक्ट ऑब्जेक्ट हैं ?)

 a.   I am working on presentation.                                  

b.   She bought a blue pen.

c.    The girls played cricket.                      

d.   He wrote a letter to his sister.

Q.9. Which of these sentences is/are in passive voice?(निम्न में कौन से वाक्य पैसिव आवाज में हैं?)

a.   They are watching a movie.                                 

b.   The clock was repaired by Raju.

c.    He is sleeping in the room.         

d.   My pet dog bit the postman.

Q.10. Identify the  verb in the sentence, "Rahul Completed my project."(इस वाक्य में क्रिया पहचाने।)

a.  Rahul                  b.  completed                   c.  my project            d. None of these

Ans.   6. (a)    7. (d)    8. (d)   9. (b)   10. (b)

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